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During our regular church services, we offer Children's Church for kids in kindergarten through 4th grade.  Kids learn songs about Jesus, hear Bible stories and do crafts related to what they learn.  This program offers a good background in Biblical teaching as well as builds kids' social skills.

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While many families are choosing not to attend church because of risks of disease and large group restrictions, kids do not have to miss out on learning about Jesus.  Please let us know how to support you as you do the Children's Church lessons below.

Children's Church Lesson

November 29th
Jesus is the Best Gift
Isaiah 9:6a

(All resources are from Teach the true meaning of Christmas  (Happy Birthday, Jesus!  Bible Lesson Teaching Pack by Julie Faulkner)

Bible Memory Verse for December

James 1:17a
Every good and perfect gift is from above.

Spark Interest- Winter Sensory Bin

In a tote or box put together winter sensory items:  white rice or beans for snow or pom poms (christmas colors).  Add in pinecones, small winter animals; plastic snowflakes, scoops, bowls, etc.
Explore Scripture  (have kids sit at the table and color the coloring sheet while reading the story and the questions)
Isaiah 9:6a

We all love to get gifts on Christmas, right?  Today we are going to hear a story; the nativity story, which tells us about a special gift- the best gift ever.

There was once a king who made a law that all men and women living in his land would have to pay taxes.  In this land lived a man and woman named Mary and Joseph, so they had to make a trip to Bethlehem town to pay their taxes.  This journey would be especially hard for Mary because she was about to have a baby.

After Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, Mary had the beautiful baby boy.  Because the town was so crowded, the innkeeper told Mary and Joseph that there was no room for them in the inn.  Mary and Joseph actually had to stay in a stable where the animals sleep instead of at the inn.  Mary wrapped the baby in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger.  

This baby boy wasn’t just any baby; this was the Son of God.  Mary had been chosen by God to deliver His own Son.  Mary named the baby Jesus, and He was to become the Savior of the world.  The best gift of all had been sent from heaven to earth that night… Baby Jesus… a King… a Savior.

Mary and Joseph were excited about the gift that was given to earth on that first Christmas night.  Kids, today we have that same gift.  The gift of eternal life through Jesus.  This is the story of Jesus’s birthday… that was the best gift ever!!  Jesus is the best gift ever!  Happy birthday, Jesus!  Luke 2:1-7

Discussion questions:
  • What law did the king make?  That all men and women would have to pay taxes in their hometown.  
  • Where did Mary and Joseph have to go to pay taxes?  Bethlehem
  • Why was the journey going to be hard for Mary?  She was about to have a  baby?
  • Why couldn’t Mary and Joseph stay in the inn?  It was full.  The innkeeper didn’t have room.
  • Where did Mary and Joseph have to stay?  In the stable.
  • What is a stable?  A place where the animals stay, like a barn.
  • What was Mary’s baby’s name?  Jesus
  • Where did Baby Jesus sleep?  In a manger
  • What is a manger?  A place where hay is kept for animals to eat.
  • What was special about Baby Jesus?  He is the best gift.  He is our Savior.

Inspire Action:  Bethlehem color sheet

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