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During our regular church services, we offer Children's Church for kids in kindergarten through 4th grade.  Kids learn songs about Jesus, hear Bible stories and do crafts related to what they learn.  This program offers a good background in Biblical teaching as well as builds kids' social skills.  We also have a nursery for babies and toddlers.  Older kids can pick up coloring sheets to work on while sitting in the adult service.

Online Learning

While many families are choosing not to attend church because of risks of disease and large group restrictions, kids do not have to miss out on learning about Jesus.  Please let us know how to support you as you do the Children's Church lessons below.

Children's Church Lesson

Sunday School Lesson
Born Again
October 24, 2021

Main Point:  You must be born again.

Read John 3:1-3
Nicodemus was a religious teacher in Israel who wanted to know more about Jesus, so he came to him at night to ask questions.  He didn’t want others to see him there, maybe because the other Pharisees didn’t like Jesus and wanted to kill him.  Jesus told him he must be born again to see God’s kingdom.  How does one become born again, Nicodemus wanted to know.  Jesus told him he must believe in Jesus, God’s son who would be lifted up, just like the snake on a pole during Moses’ time. (You can find this story in Numbers 21:4-9)

Memory Verse:  John 3:16  For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
Put the words of John 3:16 in order.  Play “a minute to win it” with John 3:16 tokens as a prize.  Discuss what the verse means.

GAME: Born… Again
Butterflies change from caterpillars into butterflies after they go into a cocoon.  It’s like they have 2 births!  We can be born again, once physically and once spiritually.  God makes us a new person on the inside so that we can live with him in his eternal Kingdom.  Use blankets to pretend to wrap up in a cocoon and come out as a butterfly, using the blanket as wings.

CRAFT:  Butterfly
Cut out caterpillar and butterfly shapes.  Fold the butterfly wings around the caterpillar to look like a cocoon.  Then, decorate the butterfly wings when they are unfolded.
CRAFT 2:   Jesus on the Cross Color Sheets
Discuss Jesus dying on the cross so that we can be part of God’s kingdom and have eternal life.

Pray for kids to become part of God’s kingdom and to be born again.  Discuss what it means to be born again and to believe in Jesus.  Help children pray to receive Christ as their savior if they are ready for this step.

Main Point:  You must be born again
Read the story of Nicodemus in the Read-Aloud Children’s Bible
Pretend to be caterpillars being born again into butterflies using blankets as cocoons and butterfly wings.
Color butterfly sheets
Pray for children to believe in Jesus and to be born again.

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