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For small children, we have a nursery and preschool programs.  Parents are welcome to join their children in the classrooms, or drop off their children with our capable volunteers.  Pagers are available for parents to take in case of emergencies.  Kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade can sit with their parents in the main Worship Center or participate in Children's Church programs focused on learning the Bible, singing songs, and playing together.  Kids can also complete the lesson below at home.  
Our goal is to give parents peace of mind while their children learn about Jesus and His love for them.

Children's Church Lesson

Sunday School Lesson
Blessed Are the Meek
June 13, 2021
THE MAIN POINT:  The meek are gentle and kind and don’t fight back

June Virtue:  KIND
 “I treat others the way I like to be treated.  I am NOT…selfish, sarcastic, or rude and I don’t hurt others on purpose.”
Job 10:12 “I’ll say to God, ‘You gave me life.  You were kind to me.  You took good care of me.  You watched over me.’”
Kids Virtue Skit
Have the older kids use puppets to act out what it means to be kind for younger kids.

Review last week’s verse:  Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons(children) of God.  Matthew 5:9
This week’s verse:  “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”  Matthew 5:5
Choose a child to be the teacher.  They can lead the class in learning the memory verse.
Preschool verse: “Blessed are the meek.”
INCENTIVE FOR OLDER KIDS:  Kids who learn ten weeks of memory verses plus know all of the books of the Bible get a prize (Bible) – keep track of points (stickers on nametags on the board).
  • What does it mean to be meek? (to endure injury with patience and without resentment, unwilling to fight, trusting God to take care of you and to give justice when someone hurts you)
  • How are the meek like peacemakers?
  • Are the meek weak?
Bible Lesson:   Jesus’ Upside-Down Kingdom  
Set the scene:  Jesus sat on a mountain with many people all around him.  They wanted Jesus to be a powerful king and fight the Romans, who were in charge and were not nice. Sometimes Roman soldiers would force people to carry their heavy stuff, or take their jackets, or hit them-they were bullies!  The people wanted to fight back and get revenge on the Romans; they were so mad at them. According to the law, if someone hurt you, you could hurt them back.   But, Jesus taught them a different way.
ACTIVITY: The Victims and the Victors
Have kids dress up using clothes in the castle.  Choose someone to be the “taker.” Give the ”taker” the following instructions in private:  the taker can tell anyone to give them something they have on or to do a task for them (carry their stuff, get them something from the toy room, give them a drink of water, etc.)  and the “victim” has to do it. They can pretend to be mean (but don’t allow them to hurt anyone).  Play for a few minutes then discuss:
  • How did it feel to be a “victim”?  How did it feel to be a “taker”? 
  • Did you feel like fighting and being mean to each other?
Now, give the “victim” kids these instructions in private:  give extra things to the taker when he asks for something and find ways to be kind to the taker.  Practice being “meek.”
  • How did it feel to be meek?  How did it feel to be a “taker” this time? 
  • How was being meek different than being a victim? 
  • Was it easy or hard to be kind and helpful to someone who is mean?
  • When should a meek person get help?
A victim feels powerless to help themselves.  Sometimes they are scared and can’t do anything.  Sometimes they feel angry and try to get justice their own way, or hurt the person who hurt them.  This causes fights.
A victor is like a meek person.  They find ways to overcome bad things that happen to them with gentleness and kindness toward others. They get help to resolve their hurts without fighting and arguing.  They don’t try to force their way, because they know God is in charge.   READ TITUS 3:1-2
Jesus was meek.  Instead of taking over and forcing people to do things his way, like the Romans did, Jesus was a gentle and humble leader.  (Matthew 11:29)
Example of Jesus being meek:  He died on the cross and didn’t fight back, but forgave the people who crucified him.  He loved his enemies and prayed for them even when they were mean to him (Matthew 5:43-45, Luke 23:34).
Jesus died on the cross for us so we could be forgiven and part of His kingdom, even when we were bad and didn’t deserve it.   If we repent (stop doing our own thing), believe in Jesus, and follow Him as our king, we can be a part of God’s kingdom.  
  • What did Jesus do so you can be part of God’s kingdom? (died on the cross & rose again, his blood paid for our sins so we can be forgiven, he will bring us to heaven to be with him someday)
  • Talk with the children who want to make Jesus their king and follow him. Clarify what this means.

Craft: “Meek Sheep” drawing/coloring page:  glue cotton balls, eyes, and shepherds’ crooks to sheep pictures.  Discuss how sheep are meek:
  •  Sheep follow their leader
  • Sheep listen and obey commands
  • Sheep are one of the most gentle and humble animals
  • Sheep run away from predators, they do not fight back
  • Sheep trust their masters to help them

Prayer Time :  Have children sit together on the rug and pray for their requests.

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