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For small children, we have a nursery and preschool programs.  Parents are welcome to join their children in the classrooms, or drop off their children with our capable volunteers.  Pagers are available for parents to take in case of emergencies.  Kids can also complete the lesson below at home.  Our goal is to give parents peace of mind while their children learn about Jesus and His love for them.

Other Childcare Options

Whenever Sisters Community Church offers Bible Studies and women's events and programs, we also make childcare available to parents.  If you are needing childcare for a special event at SCC, please email Lucie to set that up for you.

Children's Church Lesson

February 28th
Sheep and Goats
Jesus Tells about Heaven- Matthew 25:31-46
(Jesus Triumphs For Us- DiscipleLand Copyright 2019)

Bible Memory Verse for February

1 John 4:11
“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”
February Virtue:  Forgiving
I choose to love when others hurt me.  I am NOT...hateful or angry and I don't stay mad, gossip, or try to get even!

Psalm 25:11
Lord, be true to your name.  
Forgive my sin, even though it is great.

Sing With Joy

  • Oh Be Careful Little Hands
  •  Jesus Loves Me
  • Serve Him; Serve Him
  •  This is My Commandment

Learn By Doing- Play Restaurant
(supplies:  plastic or toy food, plates, cups, tableware)

Encourage the children to pretend they are serving others in a restaurant.  They can pretend to serve hot chocolate to someone who has come in from the cold, water to someone who is very thirsty, and food to someone who is hungry.  The children can take turns being the customer and the waiter or waitress.  In the Bible story, they will learn about looking for ways to serve people who need help.

Bible Story: Sheep and Goats (Matthew 25:31-36)

“What will happen when this world comes to an end?”  Jesus’ followers asked.

“God has a plan for everything,”  Jesus encouraged them.  “Soon I will leave you for awhile- but don’t worry.  I will come back for you.  On that day, I will sit on a great throne.  Angels will bring everyone to gather around Me.  One group of people will be like sheep.  They are very special to the shepherd.  The other group is like goats who don’t belong to the shepherd.  They are not part of his flock.”

Jesus will have good news for the sheep, the people who follow Him:

“You fed Me when I was hungry
You brought Me water when I was thirsty.
You gave Me warm clothes when I was cold.
You made Me feel better when I was sick.
You visited me when I was in jail.”

Those people were very surprised!  “When did we do those things for You?”  they will ask.

“Every time you fed someone who was hungry,
you fed Me, too.
Every time you brought water to someone who was thirsty,
you served Me, too.
Every time you gave warm clothes to someone who was cold,
you warmed Me, too.
Every time you visited someone in jail,
you encouraged Me, too.”

But Jesus will have bad news for the goats, the people who didn’t follow Him.  He will tell them:

“When I was hungry, you didn’t bring Me food.
When I was thirsty, you didn’t serve Me water.
When I was cold, you didn’t offer Me warm clothes.
When I was sick, you didn’t bother to help Me.
When I was in jail, you didn’t come to visit Me.”

Those people were very surprised, too!  “When did we fail to do those things for You?” they will ask.

“Every time you didn’t care for others,” Jesus will say, “You turned away from Me.”

Those goats will be very, very sad. Jesus will turn away from them.  They will never be with Him again.  But the heep, God’s children, will go home with Jesus to heaven!

Discussion Questions:

  • When Jesus comes back, one group of people will be like what animal?
  • The other group of people will be like what animal?
  • What kinds of things did the sheep, or Christians, do for Jesus?
  • Where will all the sheep, or Christians, get to go?

Learn By Doing- Sheep and Goat snacks
(Supplies:  large marshmallows, pretzel sticks)

Help the children make sheep by connecting two marshmallows for the head and body using a pretzel stick as the neck.  Add pretzel sticks for the legs.  Goats can be made the same way by adding small pieces of pretzel sticks for the goats, horns.  These snacks will remind the children of the sheep and the goats in the Bible story.

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