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For small children, we have a nursery and preschool programs.  Parents are welcome to join their children in the classrooms, or drop off their children with our capable volunteers.  Pagers are available for parents to take in case of emergencies.  Kids can also complete the lesson below at home.  Our goal is to give parents peace of mind while their children learn about Jesus and His love for them.

Other Childcare Options

Whenever Sisters Community Church offers Bible Studies and women's events and programs, we also make childcare available to parents.  If you are needing childcare for a special event at SCC, please email Lucie to set that up for you.

Children's Church Lesson

September 13th
Welcome Home!
Jesus Explains God’s Love- Luke 15: 11-32
(Jesus Teaches Us- DiscipleLand Copyright 2019)

Sing With Joy
Listen to or sing Jesus Loves Me and Oh, How I Love Jesus

Bible Memory Verse for September

Mark 4:2
Jesus the great teacher told people many stories.  He said, ‘Listen to Me!’

Bible Story: Welcome Home! (Based on Luke 15: 11-32)

Jesus told this story about forgiveness:

“Once there were two brothers.  The older brother worked hard every day.  But the younger brother just wanted to play.  Helping with chores wasn’t fun.  He decided to take his money and do whatever he wanted.  The younger son told his father:

Work is no fun; I just want to play.
Dad, give me my money.  I don’t want to stay!
“So his father gave him a lot of money.

“The younger brother took the money and left home.  He bought nice clothes.  He ate fancy food.  He lived in a big house.  Before long, he had spent all that money.  It was completely gone!

“Now he couldn’t buy food or clothes.  He didn’t have a place to sleep.  He got a job taking care of dirty, smelly pigs.  Even the pigs had more to eat than he did!  The younger son was lonely and hungry and sorry that he had said:

Work is no fun; I just want to play. 
Dad, give me my money.  I don’t want to stay!

“My father’s workers back at home have plenty to eat,’ he realized.  ‘If I go home, maybe my Dad will let me work for him.  At least I won’t starve to death!”

“So the younger son left the dirty, smelly pigs and headed back home.  Even before he arrived, his father saw him coming.  He ran from the house, hugged his son, and forgave him.  The son told his father:

I don’t want to play; I just want some food.
Dad, let me stay here.  I promise to be good!

“I missed you so much,’ his father said.  ‘We’ll have a party to celebrate.  I’m so glad you’re home!”

Jesus told everyone, “Just like the father in the story, God loves His children- even when they do many bad things.  And when you do wrong things, God will forgive you if you ask Him!”

Play and Move

Pretend to be pigs, like the ones in the Bible story.  Have fun making “oinking” sounds, running when the food comes, eating from the trough, wallowing in the mud, sleeping in the shade, etc.
Discussion Questions:

  • What did the young son do with the money his father gave him?
  • When the young son ran out of money, what did he do?
  • What did the father do when he saw his young son coming back home?
  • When we do something wrong does God still love us?  Do our parents still love us?

Learn By Doing- Love and Forgiveness
(red and white construction paper, scissors, glue, markers)

Prep:  fold construction paper in half (as a book) and cut half of a heart using almost the whole paper.  Beginning again with the same folded heart, cut another half of a heart.  Using the smaller folded heart, cut another half of a heart.  You should have two open hearts, one bigger than the other, and a small heart.  

Give each child a piece of white construction paper, the largest open heart and the smallest heart.  Help them glue the large heart on the white construction paper and then glue the smaller heart in the middle of the large heart.  Write “Mom and Dad” around the edge of the larger heart and the child’s name on the smaller heart.  Let the children know that when they disobey their parents, as well as God, He will forgive them and surround them with His love.

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