"God's Word on Human Flourishing" Sermon Series

View Sunday's Sermon Here at 10am

Join us for Sunday's sermon right here at this spot every Sunday at 10:00am.  If you miss it or want to watch it again, go to our media page where you will find all of our latest sermon series.  Give us a call if you have questions at 541-549-1201.  You can also ask questions about the sermon by emailing us.  And, if you are new to SCC, we would love to connect with you!  Please click below and someone will contact you shortly.

More Than a Building

In these uncertain times, we remember that the Church is not a building, but people who connect with God, care for others, and cultivate community.  Join us at Sisters Community Church and be a part of what we are doing in our church body, in our community, and in our world.  
God bless you! 
Pastor Steve Stratos                  

Connecting with God

If you desire a deeper connection with God, join us for Sunday services at 10am and 6pm.  Then, attend a Bible study and prayer group during the week.  On our MEDIA page, we have a Bible reading program that is full of great information.  Let us know how we can help you in your relationship with God.

Caring for People

Caring for the needs of others is an important part of Christ's commands.  Here at SCC, we have several ways to help, from delivering firewood in the winter to running errands and providing comfort.  Visit our CONNECT pages to see the ministries that we have, or contact us if you have a need with which we can help you.

Cultivating Community

Building connections with people and creating a sense of belonging is what makes our church a special community.  Join one of our many home fellowships, where each person becomes part of the "family."  Then, be a part of reaching out into our community and world to draw people to Christ wherever we go.

Weekly Services

Sunday Worship Service     10am

Please remember to wear a mask and use social distancing while in the building.  Thank you and God bless you during this time.